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How to handle your Xbox issues and faults?

How to handle your Xbox issues and faults?

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Do you have an Xbox? If you have one you know how much you love it and how it helps you when you are alone at home.

At tietip.com we used to experience some bad times with our Xbox and in this article we would like to take opportunity to share with you what are the main bugs which might arise in your Xbox. So lets see how to handle your Xbox issues and faults.

Xbox one Inside

If you have read or experienced before, you know that Xbox repairs can require to the extent that $150 in addition to transporting and taking care of – meaning you could lose your Xbox for weeks. There are some straightforward steps you can take to settle regular issues and avoid the feared ring of expiration.

How to sort the Red Ring of Death/3 Red Lights

This is about the most exceedingly awful thing that can happen to your Xbox – avoid it by keeping it in a decently ventilated zone and free of dust. In the event that this happens, you can attempt exchanging off the support, unplugging all links, exchanging it once more on and reconnecting links.

Provided that this doesn’t assist then you’ll need to give Microsoft a call and demand a repair, in the event that you still have your guarantee. If not – attempt cleaning it inside and out; however be conscious that opening the Xbox will void your guarantee. If you seriously need some quick tips and help, call one of our engineers at tietip.com HQ for support.

The E74 Error/1 Red Light Issue


This might be initiated by equipment blame in the scaler chip that controls the representation. Attempt the tip for the ring of expiration – exchanging off the support, unplugging all links, exchanging it over on and reconnecting links.

In the event that it’s as of now incident it could be an issue with one of the adornments, so attempt exchanging off the support, unplugging all controllers, memory cards, hard drive, and so forth and exchanging it once more on. Assuming that the failure has gone then the issue is with one of the embellishments.

If not you will have to submit a repair request for to Microsoft.

The 2 Red Lights Indicating

If you are like us at tietp.com and use your Xbox One for hours without a break, then it might overheat and you can comprehend it by exchanging the comfort off and giving it a chance to chill off for several hours while you got for pint or grab some snacks from the store.

To avoid this, make sure to verify your Xbox is in a decently ventilated territory, that way you can forestall overheating and the red ring of expiration.

4 Red Lights Syndicator -Attention Time folks!

This means the AV link is not appended or not being recognized. So you need to unplug and reconnect the Av link and determine the biggest part of it is just about touching the comfort.

As you know, Xbox repairs can take weeks and be very exorbitant, so determine you take good care of your little fellow.

I hope all you guys who have are waiting for your Xbox One by now, so check the below video for more details and the launch dates.

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