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iPad Air - A thinner and better creation from Apple

iPad Air – A thinner and better creation from Apple

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Apple has decided this time to launch their latest master piece, the iPad Air. By consolidating the best of both the iPad (touch interface) with the Macbook Air (portable processing) Apple has fabricated your dream machine.

I think this item will sell like crazy and you can definitely see people gathering in front of stores days before its launch. When I look at how Apple has created such an amazing loyal customers, I sometimes question about other competitors products. Should I even buy them? But we do, at tietip HQ we use all the best electronic equipment and we love all the best once and that’s why we love writing about them.

What precisely is the iPad Air?

Apple iPad Air

If you are familiar with the Macbook Pro, It’s the better Macbook Pro version with a detachable screen that functions as an iPad when removed.

We can see comparable thoughts hit the market already, yet with appalling comes about. Great news is that Lenovo, for instance, discharged a convertible tablet (S10-3t), which was basically a netbook with a touch screen that could be used for all your needs and to compete with Apple market share. However all our team at tietip HQ and other tech media sources says that “it does nothing great”.

I know that Apple can pull-off this item to the market in style and sell with a massive success. Right now in the event that you need the best tablet out there, you purchase an iPad. It’s incredible for perusing daily papers, magazines, and the applications are brain boggling innovative and fun. However for all your hard core online work, you may want to consider checking the latest iPad Air which will be available at Apple UK Online Store, Apple UK retail stores, Currys and PC World. The next generation iPad Air comes with Apple’s latest 64 bit A7 chip and M7 motion coprocessor. It is faster thinner and powerful.

Apple A7 Chip

How much would iPad Air cost?

The iPad Air comes both Wifi and prices with Wi-Fi + Cellular. So you have option according to your budget. The Wi-Fi only model with be starting at £399 for the 16GB iPad Air, 32GB will cost £479, the 64GB model will cost £559 and the 128GB iPad Air will costs £639.

The Wi-Fi + Cellular once which you would normally to get would cost £499 for 16GB cellular iPad Air, £579for the 32GB option, £659 for the 64GB version and £739 for the 128GB. It comes with beautiful two colours Space Grey and Silver.

Watch the iPad Air CNET Update

iPad Air UK release date

This is date that you all are waiting. Apple has decided to make the iPad Air available for our UK customers on 1st November 2013. That mean you have to wait another 7 days to buy the best iPad made available so far.

So are you going to buy one? Or will you wait for the next launch? Which will definitely be next year? Or will you buy an iPad Air as present for a loved one? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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