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Should you buy the HTC One? Or Wait till 2014?

Should you buy the HTC One? Or Wait till 2014?

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HTC manufacturers have introduced their 3 new mobiles from their new HTC One Collection and each of them are excellent and astounding in their own specific way, however the most unique is the HTC One. This phone offers a one of a kind outline with a bended “Lip” this versatile is an agreeable hold for easy use and a more agreeable customer experience.


What’s hot on HTC One?

A modest 9.3mm slender of this smartphone would fit into any sack or pocket and stay off the beaten path until you require it.

Not just does this smartphone look exceptional with its unique plan however it additionally performs in a stunning quality too. Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz CPU determines everything works with speed, consistent route through this smartphone with a 4.7 inch, Full HD 1080p, 468 PPI stunning display  makes this a handy experience additionally energizing and cooperating with your life on an entire new level.

The HTC One Camera

HTC One 4MP UltraPixel Camera

A 4MP HTC UltraPixel Camera gives you a chance to take incredible photographs so you can re-live memories over and over and with auto centre and Led blaze your photographs are of astounding quality with no issues. Each edge is sharp, each colour shining and each picture is clear. You can even get high quality detail picture in low light with this HTC Ultrapixel camera.

There is likewise the 1080p Full HD Video recorder for catching those minutes that photograph just won’t and provided that you need the best of both planets you can snap phenomenal photographs while you record.

HTC One Internal Memory (Storage)

HTC One comes with 32GB and 64GB of internal memory with 2GB RAM and it gave you a chance to store everything effectively and securely on your Smartphone so it is all you need when you require a good space.  Assuming that there is insufficient space however HTC One does not have Micro SD Card slot. So you have to decide which internal storage is good for you. Good thing is HTC Sense is offering 25GB free DropBox space for two years. So decision is yours.

HTC One BlinkFeed

With HTC Sense 5.0 on top of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Operating system this smartphone offers full Google Mobile Services, the capacity to remotely impart everything to companions with NFC empowered mobiles, an improved, more propelled web perusing background and widgets so you can have the sum of your favourite characteristics in the thick of it and holding up for you on your home screen. The HTC BlinkFeed is the main home screen for HTC One and it offers all your favourite content in one place.

HTC One’s Competitor

The Android Market offers pail loads of diversion so you can play, read, watch or application away and even has your favourite things on your versatile smartphones so you can about-face to them when you need. Consistent redesigns on the Market mean there is a dependably new thing to investigate and download to your phone so you can dispose the things you have finished and had a decent amount of utilization out of and have new, energizing things.

With new, quite avidly anticipated rivalry turning out exceptionally soon as the Samsung Galaxy S4 deals, HTC need to venture up their amusement to keep their smartphones to be as fruitful as those other competitors’ deals in the marketplace.

If you ask our own opinion about if you should buy this phone, I would keep myself quiet from the conversation and let you decide what is best for you.

But I know Anuruddha, prefers something else and you may ask him directly via email or just give a tweet to know what he thinks about the HTC One.

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